A slow computer is a real trouble when you have something urgent to be done and your computer takes it own sweet time to boot up. It has happened with me a number of times and possibly would have happened with you as well. An important mail needs to be sent or read, you start your computer and it takes several minutes to show you the desktop. Even when you get to the desktop your computer might takes some time in settling down and making it enable to respond to your commands. All this happens because of slow booting process which is a result of numerous applications which start on priority and let you work on your computer only after they finish loading themselves.

It is always easy and wise to keep the start-up application count to minimum so that your computer starts quickly. Before I let you know how to reduce the start-up application count you should understand what start-up applications are? Have you ever noticed why msn messenger opens automatically when you start your computer or why Google Talk starts on its own? It happened because there are several applications which makes themselves registered in the Start-up group and so your computer starts them when booting. Windows Vista itself has a huge list of Services which needs to be started while booting and addition of more third-[arty services and applications drastically reduces the start-up speed. All the applications are not necessarily required to be started on starting your computer and they can be manually started as and when you need them.

Let us see how to disable unwanted start-up items to increase the speed of your Windows 7 booting process.

Just like some earlier Windows operating systems Windows Vista has an inbuilt tool for configuring the start-up and some other settings of the operating system. This tool is called as Windows Configuration Utility and can be opened by going to Start, Run and typing MSCONFIG. Running the MSCONFIG command in the Run box will open the System Configuration utility and this is the place from where you can disable the unwanted Start-up items. In ths Window there are two tabs “Startup” and “Services” which we need to work upon. Startup tab lists all the start-up items which starts automatically when windows starts. You can uncheck the items which you do not want to start always and click on apply. The Services tab lists all the services which gets started during the boot process. You can uncheck the services which you do not want to start. Please note that the service list given here includes the crucial Microsoft services and you should never disable them. To be on the safer side put a checkmark in the box titled “Hide all Microsoft Services” so that no Microsoft service is listed in there and so you cannot accidently disable it. After hiding all the Microsoft services you are left only with the third party services and you can disable any or all of them. Once done click on OK and then restart your computer and you definitely will find that your computer started quickly.

Another way to quickly start your computer is by hibernating it, and not restarting it all the times. When we hibernate a computer, it saves the current state of computer in the hard drive and shuts down. On turning ON a hibernated computer it bypasses the entire start-up process and quickly loads the previous state from the memory. This is extremely fast and makes your computer ready to be used within seconds.