In the current scenario, Windows Vista is losing its value because of some drawbacks in it such as it is not very user friendly, consumes a huge amount of power resulting in slow down of the speed while running the computer making its users unhappy. However, if some steps are followed, you can improve the performance of Windows Vista.

Steps to improve the Windows Vista by making it quicker, easier and Smarter

Among the various steps that can be implemented to improve the performance of Windows Vista, the below mentioned instructions will discuss about improving the quality by disabling all those features which are not needed.

If you are running Windows Vista on your system, then you should know that every time the system is booted, there is large number of features associated with it. Some of the features are such that you don’t need them or hardly there is any requirement of it for the user. Some of such features are Print over the Internet, Windows Meeting Space etc. All such features occupy lots of space thereby consuming the storage capacity resulting in the slow speed. For this reason, these features should be inactivated or disabled. This will automatically enhance the performance of Windows Vista. For this, you have to go to the Start Menu, there you have to select Control Panel and click on the “Programs and Features” option.

There is an option “Turn Windows features on or off’” under this Programs option. Once clicked this will display you a list of windows features you can turn on or turn off. Windows may take some time in populating this list so you have to be patient. Once the list is populated, you can review the features which are useful to you. In this list, the features will be reflected in the form of folders and few folders will have its subfolders too with the add-on features. Some features in the list will be seen dark implying that they are already turned on and some of them will be reflecting the unchecked mark showing that they are turned off. In order to see the details inside the folder, you can double click it. After checking you will decide what to keep and what to disable. Uncheck the ones that you think are not useful to you. Choose OK and save the settings. This way you can turn off the windows features not required by you, thus giving you Operating System a much needed fillip.

In some of the older versions of Windows, in order to turn any particular feature off, that feature had to be fully uninstalled from the PC. But in this version of Windows Vista, the features are already stored in the hard drive which gives you the benefit to turn them on or off whenever you wish without uninstalling it. Also, space in the hard disk is not freed up by Turning off a Windows feature. This way by disabling unwanted features, you can make the functioning of Vista smarter, faster and also safe to use.