Hard disk drives are used for the storage of files on a computer. An operating system requires a hard drive to be present for its installation and boot up. Among all the storage devices, it is only the hard drive which is considered and which is the most reliable device for storing the digital information. Because of its immense success now, hard drives are being used in other devices also for storing the data or settings. In this post we will discuss how to increase the size of the C partition of any hard drive. Before we start with the steps we should understand what a partition is. A partition is a logical division of the hard drive space so that each defined division of the space has a drive letter assigned to it and works as if they were separate drives altogether. Hard drive partitions are very useful if you have a large hard drive so that the operating system can be installed on one partition and data can be stored on the other. This helps in troubleshooting the OS because in this kind of configuration, you can easily format and re-install the operating system without risking your precious data. There can be a maximum of 24 partitions on a hard drive.

Steps to resize the C partition are as follows:

Step 1: Resizing of any partition is a permanent change in the computer system and thus it requires you to have administrator rights to do the same. Login in to Windows using any account that has administrative privileges.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Start’ button and then type ‘CMD’ in the ‘Run’ box.

Step 3: This open the command prompt of your Windows operating system.

Step 4: Type the command ‘DISKPART’ and press ‘Enter’. This will start the disk partition management command and here we can run other commands for managing the disk drive.

Step 5: Type and execute the ‘List Volumes’ command. This will list all the partitions and volumes available on the hard drive. Note down the volume number of the C partition and in this post let us assume it to be 1.

Step 6: Next you need to select the C drive so that further actions can be taken. To select the C partition, type ‘Select Vol 1’ and press ‘Enter’.

Step 7: Now to extend the partition, type ‘Extend’ command and press ‘Enter’. This will extend the C partition and will include the consecutive free space of the hard drive in it.

Given above were some simple steps to increase the size of the C partition from the command line interface. If you want you can do the same from the graphical interface using the ‘Disk Management’ window. This window can be opened by running the ‘DiskMgmt.Msc’ command in the ‘Run’ box.