A lot of people wonder why their PC functions slower than they expect it to. There are many reasons behind this. However, not always do you have to change the RAM to install a higher memory or increase hard disk space by installing new hardware to your PC. There are many ways to make your computer work twice as fast as it is at present.

Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware Program (Free to download from Microsoft Windows Defender)

Once you have this program installed into your PC, you must run “Msconfig” in the “Run” option that you see after pressing “Start” on your toolbar. This cleans your computer of all unnecessary programs. At this point you must also delete random files and spyware from your “Temporary” folder on your C-drive that may have entered your system while browsing the internet

Now start your computer in “Safe” mode by pressing the F8 button continuously as your computer starts booting.

Adaware (Free to download from Lavasoft Downloads)

Before your computer was made to run on “Safe” mode you should have installed the Adaware program. In “Safe” mode you can run it to remove additional Spyware and update your existing programs to their latest versions.

Spybot (Free to download from The Home of Spybot-S&D)

Spybot can also clean the system in the “Safe” mode of unnecessary and harmful malware.


You can download this program from merijn.org to detect unnecessary programs that are running on your computer that may not necessarily be malicious. While this detection test runs you must make a log file that can be run against the Automated Log Analyzer to detect these useless programs. You can delete them after the scan is complete.

Microsoft’s Anti-Malicious software is also good for detecting programs that enter your system to destroy it. The latter is also known as a rootkit. The BLBeta Expert is another such tool used against rootkits.

Internet Explorer

If you are an Internet Explorer user you must customize certain settings to prevent downloading unsigned ActivX Controls or initialize and script unsafe ActivX Controls.

Any Activ scripting including that of Java Applets must be disabled as well.

All this can be done by browsing through “Internet Options” in “Tools” on the upper taskbar of an Explorer window.

You can also customize settings accordingly to prevent opening harmful websites. You can choose individual websites by the URL to allow them to open by adding them to “Favorites”.


Open New and Integer by right-clicking after typing “about:config” in the address bar space. To protect against flash pop-ups you must type “privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins” and “2” in the two windows that open.

Recycle Bin

You may not be aware of this, but without customizing the space used by the Recycle Bin results in it taking up a lot of your memory space. You can set this at 1-3% by right-clicking on the icon to go to “Properties” and adjusting the bar down to the desired level.


Make sure that your Disk Manager Application is on by adjusting the settings on the “Hardware” option of “Properties” that appear by right-clicking on the “My Computer” icon. This allows data from your removable drives such as CDs and USB storage devices for direct memory access instead of going through the system processor.

Windows Registry

Clean the Windows Registry regularly and do system scans ensuring back-up every now and then to get rid of unwanted functions and programs.

All these features should speed up your PC considerably.