Mac OS is an Apple product.  It is available on all apple’s PC, i-Phones and iPods. Mac OS is far better than Windows OS. This is more reliable, faster and stronger than Windows Vista and the graphics features are also very attractive. Mac OS is one of the most users friendly and secure OS available today. Sometimes it gets slow and responses are annoying. So we are helping you to make your Mac PC run faster and more reliable.

Steps to improve the performance of Mac PC

You just need to stick to following steps to make your Mac PC run faster:
Check the disk space of your PC. Most Mac PC comes with 160 Gb hard disk drives. Check for the available space, if it is less than 50 % then you have to start cleanup of PC.  There are lots of files you are not using currently or since a long time. Just search them and delete them. Do not forget to empty the recycle bin after deletion. You can also move these unused files to an external hard disk. Sometimes you store hundred of GB of audio, pictures and video files on your PC. It is better to move these files to external hard disk. You should give your PC some space to breath.

Many people open many programs at one time and it makes the system very slow. We recommend you to close or terminate some programs you are not using. The Mac PC has only 1 or 2 GB of RAM, so keep that thing in mind and it has not any video card also.  We also recommend you to close some of the tabs in Mozilla and the performance will get automatically improved. You can also add 1 more GB of RAM for improvement.
Mac OS comes with SAFARI internet browser. We recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox instead of Safari. Firefox is a free software and comparison to your default browser; it is faster, reliable and secure.
In Mac OS, they provide “Dashboard widgets”. They used to take more RAM space and     system memory, so try to disable all the internet widgets. These internet widgets consume lots of RAM space and always give alerts.

Advantage of a faster and secure Mac PC

A faster and reliable PC is always joy to work with. You want a fast and good response from your PC so it’s better to make your PC faster and strong. You can add additional RAMs, external hard disks to store additional data. We recommend you to use 3 GB RAM as Mac OS is a UNIX based operating system; it will improve the performance of Mac PC.