Cookies are information in text format that can be encrypted while transferring information over the internet. You might have encountered many alerts and errors with the cookie word being included in the statement. Cookies are not able to execute therefore there is no chance that cookies contain and replicate viruses. Still cookies management is an issue that you might need to do while surfing through the Internet in your browser. Managing cookies in Internet Explorer 6 is an easy job in itself. This would enable you to revise all the privacy settings that your browser would communicate to the internet world to save your computer from foreign invasions primarily.


The cookies management can be done through the Internet options in your internet browser. Click Internet Options within your Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 to move into the options. Move to the privacy tabs on the top of the options window. You would come up with the privacy settings slider afterwards that you can use to manage with your cookies. Blocking all cookies would get you to the highest level of security implied on your system. This would block cookies from all around the World Wide Web that create and communicate cookies with your system. In addition, all the websites that already have cookies on your system might not be able to access them.

Setting your cookies to high privacy would only allow cookies from sources that are verified and the cookies follow the compact privacy policy that is being set by the World Wide Web consortium. Cookies that show your identity on the internet are blocked in this option making your experience secure and protected over on the internet and avoiding any type of issue that might come up through the internet world.


The Medium High cookies management is the option that blocks third party cookies that do not meet the privacy policies under the World Wide Web consortium. It also blocks the first party cookies as well that do not meet the privacy policies and are vulnerable to set your identity exposed on the internet world. Both the first and third party cookies being blocked ensure a safe browsing experience.

Medium cookies management is the default setting in the Internet Explorer. Here, the third party cookies that do not meet the privacy policy are blocked while the first party cookies are not even when they set your information carried to the internet world. Such first party cookies not meeting the privacy policy are deleted as soon as you exit Internet Explorer 6. The first party cookies are open to the first party tools only.

In the low management of cookies in internet explorer, the first party cookies are restricted to be used in the first party context only as in the medium cookies management while the third party cookies are allowed irrespective of the following of privacy policies or not.

The last level is to set your level to allow all the cookies from the internet world. This would result in the saving of all the cookies that are being communicated to your system from the internet world. Once you are done with this, press Apply in the lower section of the Internet Options window and press OK. But make sure that you make the choice in order to make your browsing a manageable experience.