If you are using any ordinary operating system, it is very hard for you to arrange or manage multiple windows that are opened on your desktop. Many people are also experiencing difficulty when they try to open any minimized window. Some people do complaint that when they’ve opened many windows they are unable to see the desktop, and then to see the desktop we have to minimize or close all the open programs, windows or opened folders.

Experience Windows 7

Windows 7, you will be having great experience of arranging and managing multiple windows while you are working. And if you are one of those people, who opens or uses multiple programs or folders at the same time, then Windows 7 operating system is the ideal one. Because it gives you the easiness to operate your computer’s multiple windows, through the taskbar to sort or arrange.

Arrange Windows As You Like

There are many options available in Windows 7 to arrange or manage the opened or minimized folders, programs or file as well. As there is an option which you can use to preview what is opened or minimized on the taskbar. We can see the minimized window in the shape of thumbnail by pointing through our Aero Peek. There is another great option available to do the same in different visual experience, this is called Aero Flip 3D, through which it shows stack of opened windows. At the top of the stack you can see the open window, and also behind that are the windows that are minimized, to do that people should use Windows Key + Alt buttons on your keyboard. To jump through the different windows, people can easily do it by using Alt + Tab buttons from your keyboard. So through that you do not need to open any unnecessary window through mouse, you can just jump through windows by seeing them in the shape of thumbnail. Also to arrange or manage the opened windows you can easily use the options like Cascading, Side-by-Side or stacked. These options let the people place different windows in the same screen, but with their size customized. And to expand any window to its full size or to maximize it, you can easily do it by dragging that window (title bar of the window) to top of the screen, through that you can see each and everything on that window.

Uniqueness of Options

The best option which is introduced in Windows 7 desktop is “Peak At”, through which you can easily see the desktop without closing or minimizing the opened windows. The “peak at” option allows you to see the desktop by making the opened windows transparent, so you can now see what’s going on in the desktop or behind the opened windows. So people who want to experience new desktop and the arrangement of the windows, should go for the all new Windows 7 which gives you not only easiness of work, but it also saves lot of time that you were previously wasting by arranging and managing everything.

Microsoft Windows 7 is built to provide easiness when a user is working on different opened windows of the programs, folders etc. With the new and improved techniques a user can arrange the opened windows as they like.