Some websites require user name and password to login.  There are some browsers like Safari which will ask you to remember username and password for future use. Safari will remember these passwords and you will get automatically logged on each time you visit the website. It will also help you when you keep different passwords for different websites. Safari will also offer you to manage those passwords for your convenience. We will help you to manage the passwords with Safari.

There are simple steps you have to follow to manage passwords with Safari:

Step1: you can set your password reference

To set password reference, you just have to open preferences from the Safari pull down menu. Now click on the heading Auto fill, after this click on the username and password and close the preference window.

Step2: you can save the passwords

You can save the password using Safari. When you will visit the website and enter the password Safari will ask you to remember the password, just click on yes to save the password. Repeat this step every time you want to save the password.

Step3: you can manage passwords

To manage the passwords go to autofill section of the preference window. Now click on the edit button on the extreme right of the window and it will display all the username and passwords that you have authorized Safari to save. You can see all the passwords remembered by Safari and you can also delete any password if you want to delete. Safari gives you another option named as remove all to remove all the passwords from the memory. Now click on the done button to manage the passwords.

You can also download the latest version of Safari from the respective website. The new version of Safari has more advanced options to manage the passwords. We also recommend you to not use this option on the public network, be careful to prevent any security breach. This article will help you only in the Safari 2.0 not in the earlier versions of Safari. There are several applications also available to use with Safari, one of those is 1passwd. It is very secure and user friendly.

You can integrate 1passwd with Safari with a simple plug-in which is automatically launched. It also gives you many other options to manage the password like it saves the password with a single key. From the personal experience I can say that 1passwd is the best autofill agent available foe Mac PC. The working of this application is very easy; it makes an icon on Safari. When you open a website just click on the 1passwd icon and everything will get filled in. 1passwd also give a very secure way to use the websites, it can remember domains of the websites. Just double click on the website; it will automatically open the web page with filled username and password. It can import all the data from Safari browser automatically.