We daily use Internet for various purposes like social networking, to share data with friends or business partners for our deals, etc.. While carrying out all these processes unknowingly we connect our computer with the network which is holding computers from whole world. Thus we must carry out some security tasks while browsing Internet. Hackers can harm your computer connected to the network directly or indirectly. They can hack your system directly or can make use malware or spyware to damage your computer. It doesn’t mean that you should stop browsing Internet from your personal system. If you follow few steps then it is easy to shield your personal data from computer criminals. Here are few easy ways of protection.


Firewall is the software just like a wall around town for protection. When data comes in or goes out from a system, firewall examines it for possible threats. Depending upon the programmed settings, it allows or prevents the data from entering the system. This stops hackers from accessing your personal computer. When your action causes reception of data from Internet like in case of instant messaging or multiplayer games, windows in-built firewall which is automatically turned on, asks you whether you want to allow or prevent data exchange. If you select to allow for a particular program, it won’t ask you same question in future in case of this program.

External Threats

Viruses, worms and Trojan horses are types of programs that enter in system through mediator like e-mail or free screensaver and harm your computer. Trojan horses hide in some application software and damages system unknowingly. Anti-virus programs are meant to detect and destroy these kinds of troubles. It scans your e-mail and other files and either isolate them or delete depending upon the degree of destruction it can cause. Everyday new viruses are created so it is very important to keep anti-virus software up-to-date.

As mentioned earlier spyware is also a threat to the system. It is a program which does not cause any noticeable harm but collects information from computer without your approval. Spyware are also hidden in, most probably, free software available on Internet while some just enter into system when you visit particular site. Pop-up window, change in setting of browser are symptoms of spyware affection.

Microsoft Updates

If you have turned on the setting in Windows that installs update automatically then it can protect your computer from possible threats. Microsoft daily sends update at 3 A.M., which is a default time unless specified, which can be installed automatically or manually. Automatic update must be tuned on in order to ensure safety of your personal data. You can also avoid malware attack by using the latest version of your browser. Also daily update of browser’s security measures is also essential. With each new version of browser, its strength in terms of protection increases due to addition security fixes and new features. You can adjust security settings from ‘Tools’ tab of any browser.

Even the use of all the above listed precautions does not guarantee full safety. It’s your decisions and actions which decides the security of your system. You must be careful and smart while opening e-mail attachments and hyperlinks included in the e-mails. You must download software only from trusted source. At last security of system lies in your decisions.