Windows Live Essentials is free software that adds value to the services offered by Microsoft  PCs that are running on Windows 7. These services include photo editing, enhanced email option and regular updates.In this article we will discuss the things we can do with Windows Live Essentials. Just follow the descriptions given below.

Windows Live Photo Gallery:

If you are using Windows Vista then the photo gallery is with the operatingsystem but if you are using Windows 7, then you have to download it fromWindows Live. It is a free download. With Windows Live photo gallery, youhave advantage of all the things you can do online with your photos. You caneasily organize, edit, and share your favorite photos with friends and family.You can add more settings to your group of photos and makes them lookpanoramic. You can easily find photo of your friends because Windows LivePhoto Gallery automatically finds the people in your photos so you can adda name to the face. Later, you just have to type in someone’s name to seeall the photos of that person. Windows Live Photo Gallery has also gives youan option to easily publish to both Windows Live Photos and other popularphoto-sharing services.

Windows Live Movie Maker

If you are using Windows XP then the Windows Live Movie maker comesas a free download to use with the operating system. In Windows Vista,it comes with the operating system and in Windows 7; you can downloadit through Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Movie maker gives youoption to make it easier than ever to share your creations with your friendsand family, you can Import and combine photos, video clips, and music, andthen edit your movie and publish your video creation to the web.

Windows Live Mail

There are several ways to do e-mail with windows. If you are using Windows7 and Windows Live then it will be little easier to send e-mails. You candownload it at free of cost from Windows Live. It has so many optionsand gives you access to multiple e-mail accounts from various providers –
Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. It has some more amazing qualities like if youare offline and you need to check any thing important, no problem, you cancheck it with Windows Live Mail. You can easily check out your older emailsand events and with photo mail, you can send photos to your family andfriends. It sends the photo with lighter version and provides links to see anddownload the full-resolution version.

Windows Live Messenger

You have experienced the Yahoo messenger and so many other messengersbut the latest release of Windows Live Messenger is a great way to chat,play games, or share photos. You will be excited to use this messengerbecause of a new look and feel with so many other personalized settings. Ifyou are listening to music then it has option to let people know what musicyou’re listening to, and customize the scene in the conversation window.