Sometimes uninstalling the 2007 Office system using the Add or Remove program feature refuses to work and you are left wondering what to do. Well, you can manually remove Office 2007 by doing the following;


For starters, you have to be logged on to windows with an account that is the administrators for this alternative uninstall method to work. To begin the process, simply click Start and on Run, enter installer and then click OK. Once the installer folder is opened, just look at the View menu and access the Details tab. For Vista click the ALT key and you will find the View menu. From the given View menu, select Choose Details and select the Subject check box, enter 340 in the Width of Selected Colum tab and click OK. After a few minutes, the .msi file will be shown next to the subjects.

For Different Windows OSs

However for Windows XP or Server 2003, the view menu will show you the Arrange icons by and click just click on Subject. For Vista, from the view menu click on sort by and choose Subject, it might present a warning, simply click allow to ignore it. For every .msi file that has Microsoft Office 2007 affiliation, right click the .msi file and select Uninstall.

After that, you need to halt the Office source engine service for which you will simply maneuver to Start and access the Run for XP and Server or Start Search for Vista and enter services.msc. Once in the services pane, check if Office Source Engine is running and if it is, right click Office Source Engine and simply choose Stop and then close the pane.

From here you can remove the remaining 2007 Microsoft Office installation folders by clicking Start  and accessing run for XP or server or Start Search for Vista and enter %CommonProgramFiles%\ then click OK. Delete Office 12 and Source Engine if you find them but for 64-bit versions of XP or Vista, enter %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office and then click OK. Once you have accessed the root folder of each hard disk, find and open the MSOCache folder.

After Final File removal Restart PC

To remove the remaining installation files, click start and run for XP or Server or click start search for Vista and enter %appdata%\microsoft\templates then click OK. From the given files, delete Normal.dotm and Normalemail.dotm.  Once you have removed the files, folders and other Microsoft Office related applications from your system, it is advisable to restart your machine to check if the removal was successful.

However, remember you can again re install the Office enterprise after the whole process and continue enjoying its services. The process might be a bit long and boring but it works like charms if the traditional Add or Remove feature refuses to work. Plus it is just a matter of minutes and you are as good as done with the whole program.