At instances, the Add or Remove Program feature in any of the Operating system from Microsoft might not work. This might be because of missing log files or any other technical error that might persist in your system. There are times when the invasion of viruses makes it pretty difficult for you. Still, we would suggest you to follow the normal steps in order to check if the Add or Remove Programs feature works. This can be done by repeating the steps again.


Microsoft Office 2007 can be installed and uninstalled by using the Add or Remove Programs feature in the Windows operating system by default. The uninstall issue arises when any of the component of Office has been uninstalled while the complete package is not. This is where you need to look for an alternate method. You are suggested to follow the method only when the normal setup does not work on your operating system. There is no need to take the pain if the default system works. This is a six step complicated process though.


The first process is to run the installer by following Start menu and then Run. Type installer and hit Return. Moving into the installer folder, you need do display the details that you can do by clicking Details in the View tab on the top ribbon. All you need to do is to sort them according to their names to make it easier for you to locate the .msi files that you need to remove. On sorting them, uninstall all the files that have Microsoft Office (Product name) 2007 by right clicking them and clicking uninstall.

The second step is stopping Office source engine service. Use the services utility to stop these services. You can easily locate them in the System Administration menus in the Control Panel or by simply writing services.msc in the Run box while in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. The next step is to remove all the folders related to Microsoft Office 2007 in the Program Files folder in the volume that you use for the installation of your desired software. You also need to delete the folders that are named Office12 and Source Engine. Try tracing for all the folders that are associated with the Office Package and delete them completely.

The fourth step is to remove all the files that are used in the installation process. These can be found in the Template folder as well as the temp folder. The files might also be present in the Data folder under the directory associated with Users and Groups. The next step is a bit complicated as you need to remove all the registry entries. This can be done by writing regedit in the Run box in the Start menu. Locate and delete all the registry keys that involve Microsoft as the renderer and Office as the package.

Now all you need to do is to restart the machine properly. On the reboot, the Microsoft Office 2007 would be uninstalled completely from your system.