A Wireless network is a type of computer network that doesn’t require wires. It operates on the basis of an information transmission system which uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, for its purpose.

With growing demands in the modern corporate world, people have to deal with deadlines and maximization of efficiency. For this, modern wireless networks have been devised to assist people in their tasks. Although they are simple to set up and convenient to use, they are also prone to security holes. If one has an unsecured wireless computer network at home, even people with basic computer skills can access the network and have access to the everyday things one does on the internet.

Tips to secure the Wireless Network


The following steps should be taken in order to improve the security of your home wireless network:

Step 1: First of all, open the web browser page (Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc). Then in the address bar at the top of the window, the IP address of the router is typed. Although the address depends on the manufacturer, normally it is or After this, a new window appears that asks for the user name and password. The default username and password both are ‘ADMIN’. After hitting the Enter button, it takes you to a window where you can configure the router settings.

Step 2: Go to the wireless tab or basic wireless settings. Enter the SSID which could either be on the sticker which is on the router, or it could be made up. Then the wireless channel needs to be chosen, and the SSID wireless broadcast needs to be disabled.

Step 3: Go to the wireless tab or wireless security settings and then choose the ‘enable’ option. Then either the WEP or WPA encryption needs to be chosen. Then choose either the 128 bit or the 64 bit encryption. Then a passphrase needs to be entered and remembered so that it is required again while installing the wireless software. Then a hexadecimal WEP/WPA needs to be generated. Then select save or apply changes.

Step 4: Go to the wireless tab/wireless network access option to enter the MAC address and select ‘restrict access’. To find out the MAC address, you can go to Start > Programs > Accessories > command prompt to access the command prompt window. Alternatively, one can simultaneously press the key that resembles Windows on the keyboard and the ‘R’ key together for the command prompt. In the window, type ‘ipconfig/all’. The numbers and dots corresponding to the ‘Physical address’ in the window that appears are the MAC address.

Step 5: After that, select administration tab/ management and disable remote administration/management. Then select the Save or apply changes option that comes up.

Step 6: The above steps ensure that the wireless connection is secure. The wireless computer should then be unplugged from the router. Then install the software and wireless adapter on the wireless computer.

Following the above steps may not make one’s wireless connection 100% secure, but it certainly minimizes the risk of outside interference and control over your own network.