Have you ever wondered if you can see the real time changing data of any web site on your Excel spreadsheet? Through this technique your spreadsheet will also change along with the actual data on the web page. Will it be not good to connect your Excel application to a webpage which has loads of information and see only what you are interested in and not everything else?

The following steps will help you to Monitor stock prices in Microsoft Excel.

Step1: Open a new Excel file and click on the Data Tab

Step2: Click on the button in the Get External Data box called “From Web”

Step3: This will give you a new Window titled “New Web Query”

Step4: In this window at the top you will find a text box to enter the address of the webpage. Over here since we have to get the stock market information in Excel so type the address of the Stock Prices site which you use to monitor the share market.

Step5: After clicking on go Excel will open the web page for you in the same “New Web Query” window and you will find a small Yellow arrow next to all the tables and boxes on the web page. This arrow indicates the boxes which can be imported in Excel.

Step6: Click on this Yellow arrow and select the data which you want to import and click on the Import button.

Step7: After thinking for a while Excel will ask you for a reference of the cell where you want to import the data.

Step8: Give the reference and click on OK. You will see that information will get imported in your Excel spreadsheet but in unformatted form. Before we format the information there is something more important which needs to be done so please complete step9.

Step9: Click on the Data tab again and then click on Connections button.

Step10: Select your connection and click on Properties.

Step11: Check the first three check boxes and also enter a suitable timeout for data to get auto refresh.

Now you data connection is working and the figures and numbers which you see in your spreadsheet will keep on refreshing according to the timeout you have specified. You can refer to these values in other cells and can also perform calculation basis these real time numbers. This way you can remove the prices of products and companies in which you are not interested and can focus only on what you are concerned to. Try doing this today, it will be a good experience and people who have been working on excel and have not used this feature will be real surprised.