Earlier the Internet was in a dilemma to solve the malicious or unwanted attacks it underwent through security loopholes. The unwanted attacks were like malicious users’ entering your computers without you knowing about it and then becoming a source of menace for you and ultimately for your computer. Earlier the Operating system designed did not have the facility to prevent the malicious intrusion into your computer. But, as time evolved, developers found an answer to such malicious attacks by designing the Windows firewall to prevent the “Internet connection” of your computer undergoing any malicious attacks or intrusion. For Windows based users the program by default uploaded the “Windows firewall” in Windows XP and then after its later versions too. This Window Firewall ensured that malicious attacks on your Internet connection” can be prevented by creating wall for it known as the “Windows Firewall.”

You can not only prevent your computer from any such intrusion or attacks with the help of Windows Firewall, but also can monitor the window’s firewall using it. You can rather keep or maintain a track of the connections being made with you computer that are outgoing or incoming.

The following instructions will help you out.


Step one

For the Window based users’, you can find the “Start” tab which is in the extreme left bottom of your computer and to access to Windows Firewall tab you need to click on the “Start Menu”.

Step two

In the dialogue box prompted, skim through to find the tab of “Control Panel”. Once you find it, click on it to access it. That is now you are going to click on the “Control Panel” tab.

Step three

Once you click on the “Control Panel” tab, a window will be prompted and skim through to find out the icon of “Windows Firewall.” The icon of Windows firewall is like a globe and in front of it you see a brown colour wall. Click on the “Windows Firewall” to access the firewall window.

Step four

The window prompted of “Windows Firewall”, click on the “Advanced Settings”, which you can find at the extreme left hand side of your screen.

Step five

In the prompted window click on the “Monitoring” tab which you can find at the bottom of the “Advanced settings” window. Once you click on it a list will be displayed which will talk about all the outgoing and incoming connections that were or have been made through your computer. Moreover, you can also see the list of the connections that were made by your machine over the network or the “Web services” that were accessed by it. Above all, the list will also aid you know for how long other computers accessed the internet connection and to which all web services has your computer established a connection with.

Thus, with the help of windows firewall your dozen problems get solved in a one go.