Computer performance is something that is a concern to every computer user. There had been software previously that used to give an approximate rating of the performance your computer was rendering, however it was not accurate as per user expectation. The task manager even had a function in the previous versions of Windows. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a new in built feature for the job. This feature helps you get scores against each component of your computer hardware that is running the operating system.

Windows Experience Index

The Windows experience index is a relative study of hardware performance on a grading system that ranges from 1 to 7.9. This windows experience index can further be used to buy software packages as well as games that you wish to run on your system. This latest caliber of measuring performance is an excellent criterion that has certainly helped computer users purchase the appropriate set of applications for their computer.

Each component of your computer hardware is being assessed using the preset programmed ratio. The basic hardware that are being analyzed are processor to see how fast a system can process information, Ram to check the capacity of data that can be moved at an instance with the speed that it renders providing memory to the system, graphics memory to check the feedback it gives as well as primary hard disk to check the speed of data processing that your hard disk renders.

There are two calibrations used in the process. A sub score against every specific hardware tested that would give the stand alone performance of the specific hardware while the base score is the overall performance score. The base score in other words is the lowest individual score that makes the performance base line. The system cannot afford software that has base scores less than that of your system.

View your computer’s base score

Viewing your computer’s base score is perhaps an easy job in  itself. You can easily follow the instructions below to check for the performance index of your computer:

  • Click the Start menu and Control Panel.
  • Type Performance Information and Tools in the search box within the Control Panel to easily find the shortcut.
  • Click on performance information and tools.
  • Click on the Rate My Computer’s performance link and wait to see the results.

An alternate way of doing this is perhaps simpler one. Follow the instructions below to get to the performance index:

  • Right click on My Computer icon and move into the Properties at the end of the list.
  • Move into the properties and it will let you know if your computer has been rated before or not. In case it has been rated, you can still have the option of Re Assessing your computers performance while if it hasn’t been rated, you can rate it for the very first time using the link on the top of the rate index score that is by default set to 1 before the run takes place.

In case you have made any hardware enhancements, you need to check the base score again to see if you have come across any improvements. The sub score would certainly rise in case you have made an improvement in the hardware that was previously giving your system the base score.