The Processor is the primary component of the computer which helps in carrying out every process of the computer. Even though there have been continuous changes in the computer processors models and features however the prime motto has revolved around the processing of instructions. Since the year 1960, processors are the ruling component of the computer without which the computer is just another box. The newer version of processors is dual core, quad core, core 2 duo.I3, I5 and others. With the rapid improvement of processors the need has raised to get adapted to the changes. Even though the installation is not very difficult and full of effort but it does require a lot of careful attempts so that you do not loose on the expensive elements of the motherboard. Every component placed on the motherboard has its significance and the malfunctioning of it may result into the processor not functioning. To install new processors the below steps could add on convenience:

  • Check information on motherboard as ever motherboard is different in configuration and socket.

Every motherboard has different configurations and different sockets. Therefore before even getting a processor, check the socket that is accepted by the motherboard so that your purchase is not a waste.

  • Open the latch of the computer ,power supply and heat sink

Every manufacturer follows different ways of accessing the internal components of the central processing unit. So either you could read through the manuals or could search through on line sites to access the process and open the latch of the processor. Remove the sink or the power supply above the processor to reach the processor. The heat sink must have a fan and one has to remove the fan as well.

  • Apply grease to the processor as recommended

To cover the top surface apply recommended amount of grease on the processor. The heat transfer grease is a must to be applied.

  • Insert the processor firmly and confirm the sittings

To insert the processor into the socket, it is very important to check on the pins. Make sure that the processor is firmly placed. The components above the processor must be successively added back in to their slots.

  • Reassemble the computer case

It is essential to have every component properly fit in. As any part not properly and firmly connected would create hassles later.

There are various connections that the processor and motherboard share and thus while handling the cables, be sure that the cables are fitting into the right ports. One has to go through the motherboard and processor manuals so that it does not result into a failure. There is eventually enormous type of processors. However there are few which should be kept away from installation. The most preferred ones are I5, I7.However before even you get an I7 processor read through the manuals as many motherboards do not support I7 .so be confirm before getting into any commitment.