The magicISO is a freeware which allows you to create and use virtual CD/DVD drives in your windows based operating system. However obtaining, installing and using magic ISO is very much easier with compare to other ISO software available in the industry. Anyway, if you are a new user to magicISO, then the following step by step instruction will be a support to understand on how to use it.

Mounting ISO Disk Image

Step 01

To obtain magicISO installation package, you can refer to the download page of magicISO website.

Step 02

Select the .exe file version which is compatible with your windows 7 version. (X86 or X64)

Step 03

Save the downloaded file in your pc, and double click the .exe file to start installation

Step 04

Once the installation is completed, double click on magicISO shortcut on your desktop to launch magicISO on your Pc.

Step 05

At the first launch of magicISO, it will automatically create a virtual optical drive inside your pc. And this optical dive will display a message “NO MEDIA”.

Step 06

Right click on this drive letter and select the sub menu, Mount Image. After that, it will open you a navigation box where you have to navigate to your ISO file. Once you select the ISO file located in your pc, the magicISO will load it into the virtual rom and will start working like as you inserted a physical CD/DVD Rom. If you have enabled auto run or any other option which is applicable for CD/DVD drive, all of those settings will work exactly with this newly created virtual Magic Iso CD/DVD drive.

After using the ISO file, you can right click on magicISO drive and select the un-mount image option to unload the ISO image from the rom. So it will make your drive empty again.

However since it is a freeware, I would like to recommend you to try it and feel the real power of this small software. Also you can use it in various means and methods to get the best use from the available ISO files and protect data accordingly. In addition to that, you don’t need to have physical CD or DVD roms to install or view tutorials which come in ISO format and you can get the best benefits from those ISO files. Furthermore, these ISO files can be introduce as a very good method to store data as you can instantly burn these ISO files into any DVD or CD. It will take only a few minutes to take a copy from these ISO files and you don’t have to spend much time on this process.

Moreover, with magicISO all your ISO needs are brought together and you can use the built in features of this handy freeware to ease your day to day It related work and you will never be regretted about the time you spent to understand the features of it. So it’s your call to judge whether it is useful or not for your requirements.