Microsoft with the launch of their new latest operating system,has provided users the features that have made the navigation in the windows more effortless.Major regions where Microsoft has worked on enhancement are the improvement of taskbar,searching options,and specially the address bar.Unlike address bar in windows xp this taskbar is much more systematic and organized.Today, i will tell you everything that you can do with the address bar and make your navigation in windows 7 more smooth.

How to use it ?

One way to get around windows 7 is to use the address bar which appears at the top of every windows explorer window.You can click at the address bar to go directly to that location or you can click the arrow next to that link and select the locations from that list.In case you want to refresh the library you are in,just click the refresh button at the end of address location.If you know the full path to go exactly to that location,you can enter thee manually.Just click the icon at the left side of the address bar,type the path and then press “Enter”.For some locations you can type the name rather than full path,for example just type documents at the address bar and ten directly go to the documents library.If you need to go to previous or next location, click the back or the forward arrow respectively.

Hidden folders can be navigated easily

It happens very often that you do not want people to see your private files.For that you hide those files in a folder and you only know where you have stored that folder.Now consider this,if you have selected “don’t show hidden folders and files” from the folder options and still want to access that folder.You wonder how you can do it,I’ll tell how you can do it.Simply go to the previous location of that hidden folder and press the down arrow of your keyboard.You will get the direct location of that hidden folder,just select it to access that folder.

Removing location history from the address bar

Now you must be wondering how to remove unwanted items from the drop-down box of Windows Explorer address bar??.Simply you have to follow these following steps.

  1. Open the registry editor first.To do it simply type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter to open Registry Editor.
  2. Now go to following path
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TypedPaths
  3. To the right side of the pane,you will see the locations history.
  4. Just delete the locations from there to remove it from the address bar history.
  5. Go back to check whether that location is in the history or no,i bet it wont be.

These were all the features of the address-bar and i am damn sure that by the end of this post you will start navigating the address-bar at a brisk pace.I have almost explained everything about the new windows address-bar.In case if you think i left out something, feel free to give your opinions, i am eagerly waiting for them.