Network is a logical or physical arrangement of computer to share data and resources. We need to have some network devices to build a computer network and these devices can be anything like a router, switch or a hub.

A hub is a device which is used to connect multiple computers in one network. The most common type of hub is an Ethernet hub.

Here are some of the simple steps to make a network using an Ethernet hub:

Step 1:

All the computers in the network must be switched off while you try to set up a network using a hub. Now connect the power adapter with the Hub and insert the power cable on the electrical outlet so that the hub can get the power.

Step 2:

Now you need a network cable which has to be connected on the uplink port of the hub. The other end of the same network cable must be connected into the unlink port on the router. This step is necessary if you are going to make the network with internet connection.

Step 3:

Now is the time to switch on all the computers. Now join once end of the straight-through network can on one of the numbered port on the Hub and connect the other end of the same cable on any of the computer in the network. If the setting is correct then you must see a green light on the same port.

Step 4:

You have to repeat the above steps to join all the other computers on the network. After this you need to configure an internet or network connection in the Operating System. Click on Start button and select ‘All programs’. Now go to Accessories and select Communication. Choose the ‘Network Setup Wizard’.

Step 5:

Now you will see a network setup wizard where you need to select the type of network or the connection method. You must endure that all the cables are connected and the network devices and computers are switched on.

Step 6:

Select the option ‘this computer connects through the internet through another computer on my network or through a residential gateway’ if you are using an internet connection. The other option ‘this computer belongs to a network that does not have internet connection’ is for the users who do not have an active internet connection.

Step 7:

Now a new message ‘this computer connects through the internet through another computer on my network or through a residential gateway’ will appear once you click on next for the wired and wireless Ethernet capabilities.

Step 8:

After this, you need to select the computer name for each computer and make the settings so that each computer gets the automatic IP Address and DNS Server address. You must also decide a workgroup name and all the computer in the same network must be under the same workgroup name.

These simple settings can have all the computers in one network and will allow users to share data and resources. Network can also be built even if you do not have any working internet connection.