MPP is the default file extension used by Microsoft Project software for saving its own files. This application though has a name “Microsoft Office Project”, but is not a part of Microsoft Office suit and you need to purchase it separately. Microsoft Project is an application designed for project managers and it provides tools to manage the projects they have undertaken. This program allows users to understand and control the project timeline and its finances. It provides them the features to communicate and present the project specific information and to organise work among people to make sure the project gets completed within the time frame specified. The MPP files can be created by various other Microsoft by using the Save As MPP option while saving the file. But once the file is created it can be opened and edited by the Microsoft Project Software only.

If you are interested in opening and editing the MPP file then you would need to install the Microsoft Project Software which can be purchased and download online. This software will be of great help if you have to use it regularly in your project and analyse the project growth. If in case you do not want to use it on regular basis then you can download a trial version of this software which has all the features open for a limited time period. This trail version will remain active for 60 days and I think that is a good amount of time for viewing a single file. If you wish you can purchase the full product and get the product key to upgrade your trial version. In case you do not want to install the Project software at all then you can go for installing the Microsoft Project viewer, which will open the file for you but you will not be able to edit or modify it. Files will be opened in read only mode and will be locked for any king of editing.

Besides installing the Microsoft Project software or installing the Microsoft Project Viewer there is one more method by which you can view the MPP files. This is a third party solution and not Microsoft’s. If you search the internet then you will find number of convertors for MPP file types. By using these convertors you can convert your MPP file to some other format like BMP, JPEG, or Visual studio compatible file. Once you get the MPP file converted into some other format you can easily open it by using the software of that file type. Obviously the changes that you will make will not save in MPP file this way and you would not be able to send your changes to somebody else in MPP format if required. Again I would like to iterate that using a third party convertor for a Microsoft file is not recommended and in case something goes wrong with your file then Microsoft won’t be liable for the same. So use any Third Party tool at your own risk and the best way to open an MPP file would still remain the same; download and install the Microsoft Project Software.