If you can’t open a  MySQL Database using Microsoft Access, do not worry because the following instructions will help you troubleshoot through this issue. Like it is with any other procedures with MS Access, you will notice that it is simple easy and amazing.

What to do!

To commence the procedure, just maneuver to your Start menu and go to the Control Panel and open it. Under the Control Panel, you should be able to see the Administrative Tools tab and simply click on it to open it. On the list of Administrative Tools that will be availed, click on the Open Data Sources or ODBC and under the User Dsn icon, choose ADD so that you can add new user data source. On the Create New Data Source box, pick the MyODBC driver and just end the procedure by clicking on Finish.


Once you have opened the MyODBC driver, enter the following details in the MySQL ODBC Driver-DSN Configuration;

First of all, under the Data Source Name, simply type the name you want for the data source you are creating and on the Description dialog box, enter the description of your data source whereas under the Host/Server Name/IP, enter the server address of the PC that hosts the MySQL database that you are looking for. Move on to the Database Name and simply enter the name for the database you are keen on accessing via the data source and on the User, put the username for which you will gain access to MySQL. Under Password, enter the secret password that you will use for access to MySQL and finally under Port, enter the server port that you use to access MySQL.

Test Configurations

Once you have finished entering the configurations above, simply click on Test Connection to check if they are the right configurations and if they are, the message box will reply with a successful connection message. However, if something goes wrong, just go through the configurations again to proofread them. If they are OK, then just click on OK to save the settings and now your new data source will appear on the data source list. Simply click OK to close the ODBC Data Source Administrator pane and then open Microsoft Access. Under the File Menu of MS Access, pick Open and in the select ODBC databases in the Files of type menu and on Select Data Source Dialog tab, click on the Data source you have just created that you will easily see under the Machine Data Source icon and simply finish with OK. Now simply go to the Link Tables tab and pick the tables you like to access then finish with OK.

Hurray, by clicking on OK, you have just created you MySQL database that should be now there and you can use it any time.