Ever since the implementation of the tab feature in Internet Explorer, browsing has become increasingly easier. The feature now allows you to surf multiple websites without the hassle of endlessly switching through windows to access your other open web pages.

If you like to open multiple tabs at once, you may be in need of a feature which remembers each and every tab you have used during your browsing session. You may have closed an important tab and forgotten its web address, you may have closed your whole browser and now wish to restore every tab that was closed or you may just want to learn more about Internet Explorer’s cool features. These are the steps to bring your dead tabs back to life!

Steps to reviving Tabs

  • Click on the New Tab button beside an open tab.
  • Under Reopen closed tabs, click on address that you wish to restore.

If you have noticed that your new tab page has been replaced by your home page, the steps above will be of no help. An alternative to this problem is typing about:tabs into your address bar. This will bring up the page you are looking for.


  • A simpler way to restore your tabs without having to navigate to another tab is to simply right-click any tab and then selecting Recently Closed Tabs. The menu that appears will be a list of the tabs you have closed in the past. Selecting Open All Closed Tabs will restore all the tabs that have been closed in your current browsing session.

  • You can also restore the last tab you close quickly by holding Control+Shift+T. This will revive your tabs individually starting from the most recent to the oldest. If you have 10 closed tabs, holding these keys down ten times will being them all up one after another.

Since Internet Explorer only saves the tab history of your current session, if you close all instances of Internet Explorer, you will not be able to restore your tabs using this procedure.

Reopening your previous browsing session

The following steps will only restore tabs that were open during your last session. You will not be able to restore tabs that had been closed prior to closing Internet Explorer. However, you can restore the web addresses by accessing your history. The quickest way to do this is holding down Control+H.

Steps to restoring last browsing session:

  • Run Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools.
  • Click Reopen Last Browsing Session.

If you have already started browsing and still wish to reopen a previous browsing session, this procedure will still work. A new Internet Explorer window will be opened containing the tabs that were saved from your last browsing session; your current session will remain unaffected.

You can restore both your closed browsing sessions and your closed tabs from the new tab page. This guide is aimed at helping to overcome issues that have resulted from a crashed browser, unintentional closing of tabs, or for people who want to learn more about the features in Internet Explorer. Happy browsing!