When you are using a new laptop, it works properly. After some times, you install new application and lot of softwares, which affects the speed and performance of your laptop. Laptops always require a better maintenance than desktops.

There are different ways to optimize the performance and efficiency of your laptop. There are three main methods to optimization: these are deletion of temporary files, defragmentation and uninstalling unwanted startup programs.

Switch ON your laptop and look at the icons on the desktop. A computer almost always has dozens of sharewares. Most of the times users never use these programs, but they never remove them from the computer. Go to Add & Remove Programs in the control panel and uninstall all of the trial programs. Consider using other browsers which are light in weight. Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are smaller programs than Internet Explorer, and takes up less space on the hard drive, starts up and runs faster as well.

Startup programs also slowdown your laptop. They are number of unwanted startup programs running on your system. To see the list of programs which are set to start at startup open Start menu click on Run. Type MSCONFIG in the Run box and click Enter.  Now you will enter Into the System Configuration window, in this window click the “Startup” tab. Uncheck all the items which you do not want to start during the startup. Common programs that set to start but are unnecessary are Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office .if you are confused what to leave, leave all Microsoft applications, drivers and antivirus programs checked. In Windows Vista, you may also use Windows Defender to check your startup items. From the Control Panel, go to “Windows Defender” and click the “Tools” button. Now select the Software Explorer. You will get a box named as Startup Programs from the pull down menu. Click on Show for All Users button at the bottom of the screen. This window shows all startup programs. Now you can select those you don’t want to start, and click the “Disable” button. After performing these steps, close the window.

Now one of the most important points is that if you want speed then forgets about the beauty and visualizations. Go to performance option in control panel and see the visualization options like “shadow under mouse pointer” and show shadow under menus”. Go ahead and uncheck these options. These small settings also make a big difference in the optimization of your laptop.

On a performance oriented notebook computer, it is always joy to work. Perform all these operation and see the difference between older one and new one. While doing all these steps, you keep some important points in mind. Just uninstall your entire trials program, because you can download when you want. You can also download some programs which keep tracks of all startup programs, because sometime deletion of startup programs makes the system erratic.