Not only with Windows Vista, but this generally happens with all computers that the speed which you get when you purchase a new computer does not remain for long time. After some duration, because ot its continuous usage and download of numerous programs, antivirus and other links from Internet, there is a slowdown in the speed of your PC.

Windows Vista was launched in early 2007 but in a very short time after its launch, it had to face lots of complaints from its users regarding the speed and efficiency of this Operating System. Windows Vista runs at a very slow speed. There are number of ways with which you can improve the efficiency and make the speed faster of Windows Vista. Even if the computer has insufficient RAM, if proper steps are taken, you can optimize Windows Vista.

Measures to Increase the Speed and enhance its efficiency:

The below mentioned paragraphs discusses about some tips which will be helpful to speed up the work and perform better. First of all, you should remove all the unwanted data from your PC. Whenever you purchase any computer, there are many programs included in it which are of no use to you. They are simply installed by the manufacturers so that you purchase them and upgrade your computer with the full version of those programs. Such data unnecessary occupies the space on your system slowing down its memory, space in disk and its speed. So uninstall the programs which you don’t want to use and apart from that, user also downloads and installs lots of programs for their use and those which are useful in managing their hardware and software like antivirus back up tools, disk cleaners etc. So all the information which were previously used by you but are not in function at present or is not useful now should be deleted which will enhance the speed and memory efficiently. You have to do this by opening the Control Panel. Select “Programs or Features” and on the programs list, select all those which are not useful and click “Uninstall”. Secondly, you should make changes in the display of Windows Vista. Aero occupies lot of memory. So if you run Windows Vista on Aero, it will occupy more RAM and Aero will also become old after some time. Instead of this, the user should select “Control Panel”. Then user should select ‘Personalization” .After that, click on Window Color and Appearance”. There user should select “Windows Standard” which appears on the “Color Scheme” menu and then press “OK”. Windows Standard should be kept as display.

The other alternative is that, user should disable the Welcome Screen on Windows. This can be done by marking uncheck in the box that displays “Run at startup” which will come after selecting “Control Panel” and then Welcome Center. Next option is to inactivate the features of Windows Vista as they are of no use to a user. This will be done by going to Control Panel and select “Programs and Features” over there. There you will see an option “Turn Windows Features on or off”. Uncheck all the things mentioned there if it’s of no use to you. All the unnecessary items on the task bar should be removed by right clicking on the task bar. Select Properties and then select ‘Notification Area’ tab after which you select “Customize” which will show you the list of all programs. There is a Hide option there. Use it for the programs which you want to hide and click OK.

Lot many icons on desktop also bars in the speed. Try to keep only those which are of regular use to us. You have to delete the other icons present. You have the alternative of configuring the start up of Windows. That can be done by clicking the “Accessories” on Start Menu. Select Run and write “msconfig” and press enter. Then you press the tab Startup. All the programs which are not useful to keep Windows Vista functioning, should be removed from there. All the services which are unimportant in functioning of Windows Vista should be deleted. Last but not the least, a user should clean the Windows Registry. A Freeware program like Piriform CCleaner can be used for cleaning it but before doing this, a complete back up must be taken.