There are various methods that can be used to optimize the windows 7. Some of the methods can be stated as follows:

Never Use Pirated version of the software

First of all, it is essential that you do not use the Pirated version of the software. The piracy leads to damaging the programs in the form of small viruses. The immediate execution of any unknown executable file threatens the overall operating system too. Initially, this defect does not occur in the first appearance, but after few days these files perform these operations and cause damage to your computer and decrease the performance.

Be Aware from the fraudulent programs through Internet

When you search for a program or any file on the Internet, always verify and check if it is a legal program. It can be checked in the security section of the operating system. Always keep the protection enabled so that there will not be installation of illegal programs as this too can slow down the performance of the operating system.

  • Make installation of Motherboard drivers carefully.

In order to speed up the computers performance, you must install the motherboard drivers if the audio and video signal generation present is together. You can add drivers for audio and video cards separately if these components are not present in combined form. You may face the problems to identify which components are available and which are not, but you can get it through the DriverMax for updating the drivers. If it is still difficult to find the system drivers, under such circumstances you may use drivers of Windows Vista. If you come across any problem, just right click on the file which is to be executed. Thereafter, just left click on Troubleshoot compatibility option. The wizard window will appear. Choose the option where the program is working properly in the previous Windows version. You can make a selection of Windows vista option. The list of prompts will appear after you click on Next. Then simply make the execution of the new installation.

  • Better Storage Optimization

If the Windows 7 is already installed in your system that has been upgraded from Windows Vista, you can check the folder on the ā€˜Cā€™ colon. The folder contains large amounts of information about the old system of Windows vista. This takes up a large storage space and unnecessarily results in reducing the memory space. If you need any file from the old system and want it to be saved in the latest Windows 7 operating system then remove the complete folder where your drive is present. You can save the space now and the computer will also perform better than before.

Further, choose the other hard drives and click on system managed size. Then Restart the computer for better performance.

  • Make use of required programs only.

There are number of programs that execute automatically even if they are not assigned, as the system starts. The manufacturers may set these in the hidden format. It only facilitates us if it matches with your requirements, but if these programs are not needed, it is beneficial to delete them.