You might have experienced disk errors at the background and all these error reports get accumulated in your hard disk and system memory. These errors may eat up a great amount of system resource on your computer and make your computer perform slower. You must regularly perform the Disk Check program and also keep removing the error reports from your computer.

Perform Disk defragmentation on your computer

Disk defragmentation is a utility which re-arranges the data on your hard disk. We often save data on our computer like files, music, videos and pictures and all these files are saved randomly on the hard disk. When we try to access any particular data, the program searches for the data on complete hard disk because the data is randomly saved. Disk defragmentation indexes the data in a manner that it is fetched very easily and saves much of the time. It also reduces the Hard disk RPM which is also very useful for system performance and power saving.

Keep running Disk clean up

Disk cleanup is another windows utility which allows you to remove unwanted files from your system. It tracks the record for files like recycle bin, temporary files, dump files, etc which are accumulated and takes the unnecessary hard disk space. You can remove all such files in single click and make the hard disk free from the junk.

Remove unwanted application from computer

Users have a tendency to download and install most of the free applications available in the market but all these are hardly in use. You should a make a note of all these applications which are used rarely and must be removed from the system.  Every application has a process which runs at the background even if you use that application or not. You can reduce the load of processor by removing all these unnecessary applications from the computer. Simply go to Add/Remove programs and it will show you the list of applications installed your computer. The wizard will also tell you the frequently used and rarely used applications. Select any application which you want to remove.

These steps are very useful and very easy to use. Some of the steps like Disk check, disk cleanup and disk defragmentation can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis and it will be performed in background as scheduled.