The following are the tips that will help you to improve your computer’s performance which will work on all versions of Windows operating system. The tips provided  here use the utilities that are available in  within Windows operating system. These utilities are provided to achieve best system performance without altering the registry files.

List of Utilities in Windows to Optimize Performance

  • Disk Check Utility: Go to “Start Menu” then click “My Computer.” After that you have to Right-click on the drive for which you wish to check the errors and then go to Properties. In the dialog box of that, click Tools tab there you will find the Error-Checking section. Now you have to click on Check now. A dialog box will appear to you and you have to select all check boxes and then Click Start. After that disk check will finish, Windows will take you automatically to your login screen. It’s important to note that Disk Check Utility can take more than an hour to check and clean errors on your computer.
  • Disk Cleanup Utility: Go to Start menu and then click to “My Computer.” There you will see “My Computer” dialog box. Now you have to right-click on the drive for which you wish to check the errors and then click on Properties. There you will see Disk Cleanup button and you have to click on that. This scan may take a long time to check the disk errors and it depends on the files lying inside your computer. After the completion of scan the Disk Cleanup dialog box will appear, click on that to view the Files. Now you can select or deselect the check boxes to define whether you want to keep or discard the files. When you make your decision, click OK.
  • Disk Defragmenter Utility: Go to “My Computer” dialog box and then right-click on the drive that you wish to check for the errors and then click to Properties. In the dialog box of Properties you have to click on the Tools tab, and then the Defragmentation section then click “Defragment Now.” After analyzing the computer’s hard disk drive, the Disk Defragmenter will display a message, asking you whether you wish to continue defragmentation process or not. Now you have to press Defragment to clean up the computer if necessary.
  • Internet Explorer Utilities: There are some functions provided in Microsoft Internet Explorer that will help you to make your Internet browsing faster. Go to Internet Explorer and then click on Tools menu there you will see Internet Options, click on it. Now in the General tab under the option menu go to Browsing history and then click on Settings. Now Under the History section you will find the no of Days that you can opt to keep in history. Reduce number of days provided in history as much you can to make your internet surfing faster.

Automatic Windows Update Utility: You have to configure this utility of windows only for once. Windows will then automatically update the Optimization setting information from the Internet.