System performance has been a common concern for users. It is also observed that every system tends to get sluggish after a due course of time span and even MAC system is no exception to this.

You may also feel that your MAC is not responding the way it used to do when you bought it, it may take to boot or to open any particular application.

In the situation like this, everyone will suggest you to upgrade your computer like upgrading RAM, or buying a new graphics card or sound card for improved multimedia experience, however its completely unnecessary. You can make your Mac PC run faster without even spending a single penny.

Here are some of the common key points which can help you to restore your MAC PC performance back

Get rid of Unnecessary Application

User tend get download and install every attractive software or application they find online. I felt the same issue with me, I tend to download and install games and new applications on my MAC system. I found that these applications are making my MAC PC a bit stressed as it takes time browse Application folder after every reboot due to unnecessary application.

These applications and games also take a great amount of disk space which can be used for some other important storage. Get rid of those unwanted applications/games and use AppCleaner to remove it completely with the preference files.

Optimize Startup application

If you realize that your system is taking longer to boot that probably you might have so many files in the Startup process.

Go to System preferences ->Accounts and then select your account in the left column. Then press the “Login Items” tab to populate the list of the application which loads at the startup and remove all the application which you do not want to be loaded at the startup.

Dashboard optimization

You do not need be crazy about all those fancy widgets. There was time when even I was a widget freak and used to have a ton of widgets on my MAC PC, but then I realized that I hardly use any of those widget and these widgets are consuming a great amount of system resources which could be used for some other important computing and processing.

Keep updating you Apps by OS X

An outdated heap of application is also one of the major reasons for sluggish MAC PC. Newer and updated application build is stable and efficient. Keep a close watch if your MAC application needs to be updated or not.  You can use a tool call AppFresh which scan all the installed applications on your MAC system and also inform you if any application needs to be updated.

AppFresh also provide you the “Update” button which leads to the particular software manufactures website to download and install the update.

These common steps are easy to perform and very useful to improve the performance of MAC computer.