Customization and optimization are two features that have always made Windows distinct in the race of the Operating systems around the world. It has always accommodated customizations in the platform just to make your experience an enhanced one. These customizations does  not tend to benefit everyone using the machine but at least it gives you an option.

Windows 7 Manager

Yamicsoft has come up with an excellent product lately. The company brought an optimizing software for Windows Vista previously and has come with up an improved pack known as the Windows 7 Manager. This is a suite that brings multiple functions in order to optimize the Windows experience of yours. The software is for all those users who are interested in getting their machines optimized and run their way instead of the custom way.

The proudest has a common interface that helps you access all the multiple components available with the product. You have an excellent graphical user interface that sets programs simple and easy to manage. You are even given the option to create a System Restore Point before you try and do something serious with the system.

A Glance at the features

The Windows 7 Manager is certainly an excellent feature that brings you with many useful and vibrant features enhancing your experience in the Windows 7.

System Information: System Information gives you complete information about all the hardware and software information about your machine. You can move on to this section to have detailed information about your system with respect to the software and all the hardware. You also get to the  hardcore of your machine that include motherboard, BIOS, CPU, memory, drives and other such details. The log also tells you about all the software and OS installed on your system and any error log that persists to be there on your system.

Process Manager: Process Manager works more like the Window’s Task Manager. It provides you with more options and you can have better details about your system. This gives you complete information about all the small and large application running on your system. You can monitor all the programs here and get every available detail about them. This does help to stop any process that Windows Task Manager does not detect.

Optimize Wizard: This part of the application provides you with a step by step configuration about your system just to examine the system and performance. You can get multiple features in order to make sure that your Windows is running fast. You need to make sure that you have a restore point before you run this wizard.

One Click Cleaner: This is one of the most comprehensive programs in the package where you can delete for similar files and folders as well as removes all the junk files just to make sure that your computer is clean. It also defragments the registry itself.

Customization: Customization section of this section provides you with a complete control of all the programs and applications running around on your system. The startup, application running and other similar processes can all be customized here.

It provides you with some of the excellent features for security and related jobs. You can have your network fixed and there are even some of the miscellaneous utilities just to make sure that your computer is running fast and safe.