If you need print outs of certain documents stored in your PC, what is the basic machine you need to have? Aside from the papers you have to insert, you would definitely need to have a printer. A printer is very beneficial for putting inputs to outputs. Well, outputs are the things you usually need for the documentation and clerical works. But in the midst of hustle and bustle in work, what if your printer suddenly stopped function. It won’t print and you need the papers. What can you do? What should you do?

Basic Maintenance

The first step would be to check the hardware. You should check if the printer is properly plugged in. Also check the power, if it is turned on and the cables if they are connected to where they are supposed to be connected. Since there are times when a printer is shared, turn on all necessary devices such as the computers and routers. Moreover, you might also want to check if your printer is properly installed.

Another thing that you should double check is if the printer is properly installed. You can install a printer using a home network. Using a network printer may either be done by attaching the printer to one computer then sharing the printer from that computer or set up the printer in a case that it can function alone on a network.

Shared printer is possible simply by connecting a printer to a single computer then sharing it through a home networking feature suitable for your PC like the HomeGroup of Windows 7. The good thing about this shared printer is that you get to also share the documents which make it easier for the printer to access all the necessary files to be printed.

Choosing a Printer

Stand alone printers or network printers are often found in company offices. These kinds of printers are usually always available for your printing pleasure. Two kinds of network printers are available where you can choose from- wired and wireless. Wired is connected through an Ethernet hub to a router moreover wireless is connected via WIFI or Bluetooth. You can choose which one to use and which one to connect with.

Errors that might occur in network printers are quite more difficult to handle especially with a shared printer which has more responsibilities since there are many computers depending on it. If problems appear, troubleshooting is a good option to consider. This will help discover problems with regards to the printer’s installment, connection and spooler. But if the problem is not with these three, then update your drivers. Why?

Printers actually needs software driver so that the printers can function at their bests. If your printer driver software is corrupted, incompatible or outdated, this could be a big hindrance for your printer to do its work. Another problem would be if the driver is already affected with viruses. What you should do is to uninstall and install another one. This time choose an updated one. You can the Windows Update to find an updated driver for you and install it. You can also have the software from the printer manufacturer and install the software through a disc. Lastly is to download the driver and install it yourself.

Know the problems of your printer and use the printer at its best!