A network is the efficient way to connect two or more computers or peripherals to share resources. If you have an Internet broadband connection, then you must know how to connect your systems and devices like printers to the network. Home networks are not very tough to organize, you can do it yourself.

It is very important to know what home network is before setting it up. Home network is to connect computers and devices on a common network in offices or house. You can share files, folders and printers on home network. Before connecting network, know the components of network.

Modem is used to connect to internet. When you get an Internet connection, your ISP gives you a preconfigured Modem.

Routers are also vital part of networks. Routers are nothing but a device to allow two or more computers or devices to connect to the network. It has to be connected with modem. Routers are of two types: wire or wireless.

Computers or laptops are of course the most important body of the whole system. It can be your regular desktops or laptop. You can also connect other peripherals like game consoles, cameras etc.

Steps to organize and setup home network

You do not need to bring a professional to setup and organize home network. You just need a modem, router and Ethernet cable to set-up.

First make your mind which type of network you want to setup. It can be wireless or with Ethernet cables. Wireless network is easy to install and organize. For wireless connection, take a laptop and roam around your house to check the availability of network. Place the router at the center of the network to get the most of the network and better connectivity. Wireless networks are not very secure to use. Wireless networks are very vulnerable, insecure and easy to hack.

If you want to install network with Ethernet, install category 6 wires to every computer or printers from router. A printer can be available to network with the printer sharing feature in Windows.

If you have TV, radio or MP3 players, which are internet enabled then you can share songs and other files on home network.

Tips and things to keep in mind while setup

If the networking products are of same standard then you can mix and match. The most common wireless standard is 802.11g. You can mix all the networking devices which are of same standard.

Try to get the wireless router different from your neighbors’ to avoid conflicts. It also provides good network connectivity.

You can connect four or more computers or peripherals to presently available routers.

As wireless routers are less secure, you should immediately change the default password. It is always better to change password on regular basis to avoid security concerns.