The general problem with most of the user is that their address books are not well organized. Their address books contain addresses that are never used, e-mail addresses in other columns, misspelled names, duplicate addresses or names. It seems you are just getting on familiar terms with your Address Book here, aren’t you?

This problem can be solved only if you give out just a little bit of your time in organizing you address book and cleaning it up by removing the unnecessary email addresses. It is very easy to do so just follow the below given steps and you can have a well organized address book which most people would be jealous of.

  • Open Outlook Express. Set up your Outlook page so the Contacts list shows on the bottom left side of your page. Go to View and then Layout to open the Window Layout Properties box. Click Contact and OK as a result of which the Contacts list appears on your screen.
  • After the contact list appears click the down arrow beside the list. Sort the whole list by Names. The names will appear in alphabetical order in your Contacts window.
  • Organize your email using the Address Book. Open your address book by clicking Address Book on the email toolbar. The address book window will appear on the screen.
  • Change your address order. Systematize your addresses by ascending or descending order. Click the column heading that you want to change. The names will be sorted from A to Z or from Z to A as per the sorting process.
  • Clean up your addresses by deleting addresses you no longer need. Click on the name or email address that you no longer want. Click or press Delete on your keyboard. The other way of deleting the addresses is that you can Right click on the name or address and move your mouse to the Delete option and click on it to delete the unwanted address.
  • New names can be added to your address book by clicking Address Book on the toolbar. Click New and then New Contact. This will open up the Properties Window. Fill in the complete detail of the contact that include the name and address of the contact. Click Ok when you are done finishing the entry of details. Thus, a new contact can be added to your list.
  • Systematically arrange the existing email addresses into groups so you can send everyone in a particular group the same email. You won’t have to worry about leaving anyone out or sending a message to the wrong person. This helps in a better communications with everyone.
  • We can create new groups so that all the people who are related to that group can be kept together in a same group. Doing so is very easy just follow the steps. Click Address Book on the toolbar. Click New and then New Group. The Properties Window opens up. Name your groups and add the email addresses for each person. Click “Ok” when you are done.

So it can be found that a well organized Address book can be of very much a help. Once should take good care in organizing the Address book as it makes your work easier, simpler and faster.