When you are having a system on which Windows Vista is installed then you would want to use the system to its maximum capability. If you have multiple partitions of your hard drive on your system then you would be able to do the tasks with increases efficiency and with great ease. With the help of having many partitions on your system you would be able to manage your files and information in a better manner. You would not mix the files of home and office together and in this manner the personal and official files would always remain at different places and you would always be able to do the tasks and manage the information in a better manner.

Having multiple partitions

There are many advantages of having multiple partitions of your hard drive and when you need to have multiple hard drives in one computer but do not have this much space in your computers then in these circumstances you should make use of different partitions in a single hard drive which would act as if you are having two hard drives instead of one. When you have different partitions in your system then it would seem as if there are different hard drives in your system. You can easily make your single hard drive to appear as multiple hard drives with the help of making different partitions in that. Having many partitions provide numerous benefits and among them the top most is the better management of the information and files. You can keep your personal and office use files at different places i.e. in the form of a partitioned single hard drive.

Things you would need

For the sake of creating different partitions in your system you would need to have just two things. First one is the computer and the other one is the Windows Vista operating system. In this OS the partitioning of a hard drive into many partitions is quite easy and can be done by following certain steps.

Steps to follow

First of all click on the start button which is present at the lower left hand corner of your system. Then click on control panel and you should make sure that you are not viewing the screen in classic view. You should then click on System and Maintenance. After this click on Administrative tools and then double click on “computer management”. You should then click on Disk management which would be present under the Storage. After this you should right click on the empty part of your hard drive and then click on New Simple Volume. When you would do this, an installation wizard would come and then you should click on Next button. At this point, the hard drive can be easily split into two partitions. You can keep them of any size which you like which is present within reason. You should enter the size of the separate drives that you would want to have. A default maximum size would be already appearing. Click on Next button. Then you should choose the letter for identifying the new partition. Usually the first one is C and this and any other letter which has been used already cannot be used again and after this click on the next button. Optional step is to format the hard drive and then click next. Click on Finish as it would complete the process and the partitions of your system would be ready to use.