If you want to protect the web page from visiting too many users then you can password-protect the web page. By using this method you can manage the users of the web page. To password- protect a web page is not a difficult task to do. If you are familiar with java script or plain HTML, you can easily protect the web page. Our article will help you to do the changes and password-protect the web page.

There are several methods to password-protect the web page, you just have to follow the following instructions:

Step1: you can place a link from an unprotected page to protected page

At first you just have to open the unprotected page in a basic text editor and place the cursor where you can see the links. Now just type the following to substitute your own text or graphics: type click here to access the password protected page. After doing this, upload the respective file to the current directory.

Step2: you can create a script for the web page

The very first thing you have to do is to open the text editor and begin typing the opening tag. Now just type the title of the page and close it with end tag. Now close the scripted section of the page and add a body section for browser that does not read scripts. You can view this page only in Firefox, if you have earlier version then please upgrade the browser. Now close the web page by typing: save the web page.

Step3: you can also password-protect the web page by creating error page.

The first step is same as above two methods: open the text editing program and type opening tags. Now the second line is the error message such as: I am sorry, the password you have typed is incorrect. Now you can give the user the option to type password again, you can type: click here to try again. When user will click there, he will return to the password script. You can also give users the option to back out and return to the main page now close the page by typing the close tag.

Step4: if you are more comfortable with java script, you can test the password script.

To test the password script open the web page, now select open from file menu and locate the page that links to the protected page. Now click open to view the page, click on the link to the password protected page. You will get the password prompt, enter the correct password and gauge the result. If it is not working then go back and try to check the password you have entered.

Step5: you can also fine more complex and powerful password-protection script

You have to visit the page that offer java script and search for the password. Now hire a web developer to protect the extremely important data or ISP to customize the password scripts. Many ISP give free references to the password script, you need to get permission to use this script.