You can easily search for items in your Windows Media Player Library and other online music stores using the advanced search feature. The player shows a list of possible search matches in the details pane. Other than that, it is easy to search for music via links to particular Library groupings; all you have to do is click on the drop down bullet of your Player’s search box. To access your Players search box, click on the Switch to Library icon on the far right, upper side of the player if it is already open. There are a number of advanced searches that you can perform with your search box in Windows Media Player.

Finding a Particular Artist, Song or Album

For searches to find a particular artist, song or an album, simply type a few words related to the search item in the search box and click search. For instance, if you want to search for items, be it albums or songs by Michael Jackson, simply enter “Michael Jackson” in the search box and a list of all possible results will be displayed. However, you can go for albums or songs released in a specific year by entering the four digit number of the year you want to search. Windows Media Player will list all the songs and albums for that particular year and other additional songs and album titles that have the year number you entered. Narrow your advanced search to one particular item by simply entering the year of release and the artist’s name in the search box, for instance, for a Michael Jackson song released in 1989, simply enter “1989 Michael Jackson.”

Eliminating Particular Search Items or Doing a Combined Search

Windows Media Player advanced searches allow you to eliminate some items you don’t want displayed in the results from your search. To do this, simply enter “NOT” or hyphen (-) in the search; for instance to eliminate songs from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album; simply enter “any of MJ’s other songs from other albums” then type NOT “Thriller” to get a listing of all MJ’s songs minus those from the Thriller album. It is perhaps vital to note at this point that the word “NOT” must be entered for the search to work. On the other, if you want to search for exact wording in an item, for instance, “blues in the 80s,” enclose the exact phrase you want to search for in quotation marks (“”).

For the combined search of items, make use of OR, for instance, to search for songs or albums by Michael Jackson or Kenny Rogers, simply enter “Michael Jackson” OR “Kenny Rogers.” Alternatively, this allows you to search for two different music genres, for instance, “Rock n Roll” OR “Neo Soul.”

Attributive Search

You can also search for items by using attributes, for example, to use two attributes, enter AND, i.e. “Michael Jackson” AND “Thriller,” for items in the particular Thriller album only. Additionally, your search can also be confined to specific information, for instance, type Genre: Soul, for soul songs or Composer: Mozart, for all of Mozart’s compositions.

Irregardless of the ietms you want to search for or their location in your PC, Windows Media Player’s inbuilt search engine is a crucial tool in organising, finding and listening to any kind of music you want. The search tool makes using the player very easy as you can easily locate the particular files you want to play from the libary or online.