Microsoft has given a look to Windows 7 by making it much more visually appealing and with user friendly customizing options. You can personalize your PC by changing the theme, color, sound, wallpaper, screen saver, font size, and even user account picture. You can also select and use from a wide range of gadgets for your desktop.


Windows theme includes wallpaper, a screen saver, border color, sound, icons and mouse pointers. With Windows 7 Microsoft has launched a new genre of theme known as Aero. You can choose from a wide range of Aero themes present in Windows. You can apply the entire theme or can customize its different components to give your Windows a more personalized look.


Aero is the primary visual experience of Windows 7. With a transparent glass design and subtle window animations it just creates a new visual experience. It includes distinct visual styles by combining the lightweight look, translucent windows with extremely strong graphic advances. You can also enjoy the benefit to better access your programs. The Aero desktop experience also displays taskbar previews for all your open windows. You can see a thumbnail-sized preview of the window when you move your mouse towards them.


You can also play with the sounds your computer makes when you perform different activities starting from opening a file to even shutting down your PC. You can set the different sounds for different events of your computer. An event can be any action performed by the user on the PC, such as closing a file, receiving a message on chat, email alerts etc. By default, Windows comes with different sound profiles for common events.

Desktop background

The desktop background is also known as wallpaper. It can be a picture, color, or design on the desktop. It acts as a background image to all your open windows. You can either select one image to be your wallpaper or you can have a slide show of your own personal pictures. You can also add a digital picture from your personal collection.

Screen saver

A windows screen saver is an image or animation that appears on the desktop when your mouse or keyboard is idle for a set period of time. You can choose from a wide variety of screen savers specially designed for Windows 7. The best part which is different from older versions is that you can also create your own personal screen saver.

Font size

Fonts have a great impact on the visual appearance of themes. You can increase/decrease the size of text, icons, and other items on your desktop. You can also adjust the DPI scale and make the text, icons smaller or even fit to the screen. You can do all this without changing the resolution. This would help you to increase / decrease different items without disturbing the monitor resolution.

User account picture

A user account picture helps as an identification of your account. You can see the picture on the Windows welcome screen and also on the start menu. You have the option to customize the picture by placing your own photo or select any other picture from the Windows gallery.

Desktop gadgets

A Desktop gadget is a program that is designed to perform specific tasks like displaying information, picture slide show and other useful activities. You can also customize these gadgets and place them anywhere in the desktop. By default, all desktop gadgets are aligned in the desktop gadget bar.