In Windows 7 Starter, Microsoft has removed many options. However, still there is a lot of stuff that you can personalize. In Windows 7, you can easily personalize computer by clicking right on your desktop and selecting the option Personalize. Here you will find a great range of choices to change including background, theme, screensaver, sounds, desktop icons and mouse pointers.

On the other hand, this panel is not available in Windows 7 Starter. However, if your click right here, you will find several options to add Desktop Gadgets and to change resolution. It is also a fact that you can find and discover several personalization settings with quick searches of start menu. These settings may include screensavers, themes, sounds and more. Here I am going to describe the way you may find these settings.

First of all if you wish to personalize the sound of your computer then you may find several interesting schemes in Windows 7. You will see that there are various nice sound settings here. So, what you should do in changing sounds. You just need to enter ‘change sound’ option in start menu. After that select ‘change system sounds’. Here you can easily change, remove or even turn on and off Windows boot sound. Remember you can also choose some new and interesting sound schemes.

As far as screensavers are concerned, Windows 7 Starter includes all the default screensavers. You should simply type the caption ‘screensaver’ in start menu bar and choose the option ‘Change Screensaver’. Here you can find screensaver and settings per your choice.

As far as themes and backgrounds are concerned, Windows 7 contains classic look to high contrast themes. You can type ‘Theme’ in start menu option and you can change the color scheme easily. You can also change the colors of the desktop background according to your choice.

Next to themes and backgrounds, you can also change the background pictures. Moreover, if you are interested in changing desktop icons then you are most welcome. For example, if you are interested in changing common items like ‘My Computer’ and ‘Recycle Bin’ then you should enter icons option in the start menu and select the link of ‘Show and Hide common icons on Desktop’. This is the link which supports you showing and hiding different icons. You can easily select an icon you wish to change.

Lastly, Windows 7 Starter also supports you if you want to customize the mouse pointers. For that purpose, you have to enter or type the text ‘Cursor’ in start menu and you should choose the link ‘Change how the mouse pointer looks’. This link will help you opening a dialog box of mouse properties. Here you can choose various schemes available for mouse pointers. You can easily apply any of them up to your choice. In this way cursors can be changed easily.

Finally, we can see that Windows 7 Starter has lots of options that can be customized. However, these options are not as apparent as they were in other editions of Windows 7. But it is a fact that you can easily apply all above mentioned tips up to your choice.