Windows 7 is the latest windows operating system released by the Microsoft Corporation. The windows 7 operating system is specially designed with lots of graphically attractive features and many more user friendly options. Because of these graphics features and user friendly features, lots of windows users have recognized windows 7 as a successful release by Microsoft Corporation.

Pin Icon to Taskbar is one of the cool features available in windows 7.  This is simply like placing a shortcut on your desktop, the difference is the shortcut is created on Taskbar (called super bar in windows 7) instead of your desktop. However, if we look into the way how to enable this, it is really easy for you.

Enabling Pin Icon

Step 01: – Select the icon or the shortcut which you want to pin into the Taskbar

Step 02:- Right Click on your selected item

Step 03:-Then select the option named “Pin to Taskbar” & you are done.

The above method can be applicable to any folder other than my computer icon. If you right click on my computer icon you will not get the “pin to Taskbar” under right click menu. But, if you really want to add my computer icon to your task bar, then the fact is it is not impossible. So hope the following will give you some support to make this a success.

Adding My Computer Icon into the task bar

–          Click on your windows 7 desktop and create a new shortcut.

–          For the target location, enter the following code without making any alterations.

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe shell:MyComputerFolder


–          Then Click next

–          After that, you will be prompt for a name for the shortcut, so it is your choice to enter whatever the name you like.

Now you can drag and drop this newly created shortcut into your task bar, and you are done with placing your computer icon in the task bar.

Since the windows 7 have lots of graphical interfaces, it is better to have a better icon for this newly created shortcut. To select a proper icon for this new shortcut, you can right click on the short cut -> properties. Under the properties pages, you can use the change icon option to change the default shortcut icon to an attractive icon which is installed with the windows installation. Alternatively, you can install your own icon package to make it more custom looks.

Moreover, the pin to Taskbar option can make your shortcuts much efficient and easy to access. But, you must keep in mind not to overload these icons in your Taskbar as if you do so it can make your computer screen a mess. Therefore, you must keep in mind to pin only the important icons to Taskbar. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the expected performance from your personal computer, which powered by Microsoft windows 7. So, you may find these options really essential to you in order to minimize the consumable time whenever you are involving in IT related activities.