Do you want to listen to a song? How about watching a movie? Well, both of these things could be done through the use of the Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player is an application that can be used together with the other applications that Windows has to offer. Digital media files such as audio and video files can be navigated through this application and you can also organize your media files. A good example in organizing files through Windows Media Player is the creation of playlists in the application. Through a playlist, you would be able to organize music files according to whatever order you want. You can choose to have your favorites in one playlist or all the songs of your favorite band on the other list. It would fully depend on you about how to organize such files.

You cannot only play music that are downloaded in your computer, but can also play the music files that are stored in CDs and DVDs. But starting off with the files downloaded in your computer, how do you play them in the Windows Media Player? Where do you actually start?

Start off with clicking the start menu. Go to the All Programs then scan all applications until you get to find the Windows Media Player. After the application pops out, go to the Switch to Library which is located at the upper-right corner of the window. Check in the Player Library and look for the songs that you would want to play. Aside from this, you can also play music from the WMP by double-clicking the song you want to listen to from its location. You may also choose to drag the music files from their original locations to the Play Tab. This will be useful especially when you want to drag in more than one song or video.

When playing some specific songs or videos, you can actually place the seek slider to the right position or location for which you want to listen to in the perspective of the songs and for which you want to watch for the videos. But the seek slider is not available for all music and video files, there are some files where seek slider could not be used and so watchers or listeners do not have any choice but wait for the part that they want to watch or listen to.

Another good thing about WMP is that you can also play files that are not located in your computer or that are not downloaded. Go to the Switch To Library of your WMP. There are two things for which you can do to play the file that is not located in the library of your files. The first option is to drag the audio file to the Play Tab on any location placed in the first lane. On the other hand, you could also drag the file to a folder in your folders then add the file to your Windows Media Player Library.

Enjoy music and movies through the Windows Media Player.