A computer application wherein the  computer video player is undefeated by enemies using some latest computer modifications that is related to a game, like weapons, fighting techniques, strikes etc, is simply called God Mode.

This is possible by applying some cheating game codes.   But in a game itself, the mode or cheating modes is not provided but some computer game developers has secret codes using or pressing some keys of the keyboard.  But this is not the same as the term hacking.  Because the so called God mode is a part of the game and it uses the CPU for some mechanics in the game play in favor of the player or players.

On a Window 7, you will find in the Control Panel the necessary applications on how to enable God Mode on Windows 7.    It is in this applicable system that c a user can play without browsing or visiting numerous websites to be the God in any computer video games.

Easy steps on how to enable God Mode on windows 7:

  1. Just right clicking on any blank space of your desktop, laptop or net book;
  2. Choose and click “new” from the menu;
  3. Create your own “New Folder”;
  4. Name your folder as: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C};
  5. Reminder: This is not applicable in Vista 64X and Windows 7 64X.  This application will crash the Windows.

This command will provide a short cut on how to enable God Mode on windows 7 and it will be easy access to all Windows 7 through a handy graphical user interface or GUI.

Another easy way on how to enable god mode on windows 7:

  1. Simply right click on your desktop;
  2. Select and create “New Folder;
  3. Enter a folder name: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}; or you can choose a name you desired but see to it that no parts of the latter strings of letters and numbers will be delete, detached, etc. , or simply name it as “”Special Control Panel”;
  4. Pound the “”Enter”, and you will be able to enter it the short cut of your new folder;
  5. Make a double click on the icon and examine all the Windows features and settings in just single place;
  6. Reminder:  Examine again the lists and find out for how many features and settings that you can change, activate or deactivate with your special mode.
  7. If you already find the setting, quick search bar that is found in the upper right corner can be use;
  8. Or else drag the “God mode” to the taskbar by just right-click on the icon and select the “God Mode”.

How to enable god mode on windows 7 can be an advantage to the computer video players because for it will enable the players to open all the doors related to the game or games.    It can provide important uses in every control panel that is on the computer, in just single screen.  Saving a lot of time and effort in looking some hidden applications on the control panel or the master control is a big usefulness.