Most of the people are still finding out that when you have to watch the legal shows of television then you is considered to be the best place for this. If you are in a mood to find the best programs and that too in a legal manner then you must watch it from this web site. This web site allows you to watch most of the shows that are from the TV and which you can easily watch on your computer. The television shows can be easily seen on the screen of your computer. Now, one new program which is called would allow you to integrate the content from the web site into the Media Center of Windows Vista operating system. This has a sleek interface and it would allow you to easily scroll through many of the different stations as well as the shows from the familiar experience of the Media Center.

Watching the tv programs and shows is a good pass time and you can easily find a lot of entertainment of the tv on the screen of your computer. Watching these shows in the comfort zone of your computer screen and at time of the day is considered to be more fun by the people. There are certain steps that you should do when you wish to play the content of through the Media Center of Vista OS.

How to start

The first thing which you would need is to visit the web site of and then press the download button. There is a page made by the developer which explains that the software is still available in the beta version and the is used a little bit and there are no issues associated with it.

Once you have downloaded the zip file then you should extract the content and then run the file called Setup.msi. This would take you through a process of short installation and then it would close. No new icons would appear on the desktop of your system when you click on the windows button in your programs directory.


The is a program which only works when it is present inside the Windows Media Center. It would not work otherwise. By clicking on the Windows button which is present at the bottom of the screen you should click on the Windows Media Center. Then click on “All programs” and then scroll down for clicking on “Windows Media Center” (the green colored Windows Icon).

Windows Media Center

When the Windows Media Center would open you would see the under the menu row of TV + Movies. You should select the program for opening it. This would take few seconds for loading the first time as it is actually downloading the information from the web site of would be loaded inside Windows Media Center and you would come across a number of different channels of TV. You can easily navigate through the media center remote or the arrow keys of left or right on the keyboard of your computer. You can click on any channel and see the content easily.