You are either an advanced business professional, or you are a newbie in the field of computers; you would be familiar with the name of Microsoft. Presenting new and unique operating system versions for years; the company is currently among the largest revenue generators or producers of the world. Truly complying with the standards and market requirements, Microsoft’s products are appreciated by every computer user. We all are familiar with the versions of operating systems that have been offered by the company from time to time; and obviously we feel comfortable switching from one window OS to other, just because of the standard approach followed by Microsoft each time. They understand the demands of their clients, and so they take care of the requirements of all types of users.

Windows 7 is currently getting popular among the system users; and even the people who have old OS installed on their desktops, notebooks or laptops are looking forward to install this outshined version of Windows on their systems. Being released in mid of year 2009, it has made a great success among the advanced PC users, and its successor Windows 8 is expected to fly up in the market with new colors and enchanting features; hence coping up with all the issues found in Windows 7.

Besides, Windows 7 offers a very attractive and user friendly environment that is currently the best option for you, and certainly it has handled all the previous challenges that were faced by XP and Vista. Installing Windows 7 is as easy as it was for XP. Vista users were facing problem because of the large space which it required to perform well, and they were annoyed because of the speed issues in its different versions; but the minimum requirements settled down by the new release of Windows 7 are not hard to meet and you can certainly prepare your system easily for this cool OS.

Following are the minimum requirements that would let you operate and explore Windows 7 in a great way;

  • Processor: At least 32 or 64 bit,1 GHz processor for better performance and speed
  • RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit processor and  2 GB  for 64-bit processor
  • Disk Space for 32 Bit: 16 GB of total
  • Disk space for 64-GB Processor: 20 GB of total

In order to check the compatibility of your system for  Windows 7 Installation, you can simply go to the “Start Check”-> System Requirements, and see if your system’s CPU, Memory, disk space and other requirements are up to mark for proper installation of Windows 7 or not. There are several laptops available in market that already have come up with the features supporting the installation of Windows 7 and have enough room for enhancement. You can certainly upgrade your desktop system or laptop to support the installation of this cool and attractive operating system that is certainly the best up till now, and can be rightly called as the Golden product launched by Microsoft.