The best way to prevent viruses from infecting your PC is, obviously to have a good anti-virus software on your computer. This kind of software can detect and block many viruses before they can cause any harm on your PC. A good anti-virus software can scan for viruses on your hard drive or any files , documents or program. If the anti-virus finds any viruses, usually, it can quarantine them and eliminate them with no problems from your computer. Because there are many crazy people that did new viruses on daily basis, your anti-virus protection has to be updated continuously.

Another good way to try to protect your PC is continuing to make back up copies of your most important documents and files. This way is a good option of your PC should ever get hit by a virus that can corrupts a part of your computer system, in this case you will have a safe back up copy of your works available. If you like you can set a system restore point, it depends on you. This will allow you to restart your PC using a previous configuration before you got attacked by any virus.

An important tip is do not open attachments in emails if you do not know the source of email. You have no idea what emails might contain and you don’t know who sent them. But the problem could arrive also from people you know, you should always be careful about opening attachments, if you are not sure what the attachment is about, because this way (attachments) is good for viruses to penetrate into your systems. If your PC is a work or a public computer, you need to run a scan before you save any files that you may use on your own computer at home. This is the only way to know, if you are transporting viruses from home to work.

Another big source of possible attacks it’s obviously downloading. It’s like opening the door when the wind is blowing and saying “Come on in!” If your anti-virus software is updated, it should catch the virus. But sometime, it might not. Few tips when downloading: first of all you need to make sure about the source (the site) you are downloading you need a good source, reliable with a lot of traffic. Don’t use unreliable sites that have only few visitors. Probably source of virus. When you save data on your computer, either from a download or if you get data from another PC, always run a scan on the computers, in order to make sure it is clean. Many viruses did not act immediately. Some smart viruses may wait for a trigger like reboot or shut down.

One of the most common option is to use a firewall, but this option it’s more for preventing intrusion from an outside source than for detect viruses, but few firewalls could block some viruses. Normally, use a firewall is always a good idea, everybody should have one firewall activated.