Gone are the days when we used to click pictures in our reel based cameras. The reel was supposed to be washed at the studios and then the hard copy of the pictures was received by us. In today’s age of digital technology you can view yourpictures on computers or television sets. If you want to get the hard copy of pictures, it can be done at your residence itself. You can get a printer and can print as many pictures as you wish.

Windows has introduced its Windows Photo Viewer to print digital pictures. Even if you do not own a printer, there are no issues; you can order a print online. You will receive it through them.

Using Windows Photo Viewer

You can use Windows Photo Viewer to print as many pictures as you wish. You just have to follow few simple steps; they are enumerated as under:

To order prints on a printer

  • First of all you have to launch Windows Photo Viewer on your computer. This can be done by double clicking anypicture stored on your computer.
  • Open the picture you wish to print. Now, go to the tools section, you will see a “Print” button here click it followed by clicking “Print”. You can open the “Print Pictures” dialog box directly by right clicking the picture followed by clicking “Print”.
  • When the “Print Pictures” dialog box opens you can select your printer, paper size for printing the picture, the quality of print, style you want to adopt for printing, and the number of copies you wish to receive of the picture. Some printers have a built-in feature of “Reverse portrait”. By using this feature you will get a mirror image of yourpicture on the print sheet.
  • Always remember that print quality is depended on various criteria, like the pick of ink and paper, printer’s settings, along with quality and clarity of the original picture.
  • Once you have selected all the criteria for printing a picture, you just have to execute a gentle click on the “Print” icon to start the process of printing the desired picture.

To order prints online

If you do not have a printer at your disposal, you can order your prints online. For using this facility your computer should be compulsorily having an Internet connection. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Clicking twice any picture will open the Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Go to the “Tools” section and click “Print”. Once you have done this click “Order Prints”.
  • Now a dialog box will appear on the screen asking you to “Select a printing company”. Select the printing company you desire to print your pictures. Choice of printing companies differs with countries.
  • After selecting printing companies click “Send Pictures” to send your pictures for printing through the Internet.
  • The printing company will now ask you a few details about the size, style, and number of copies you wish to receive.