Normal English verb “spool” can turn to the action of the device of storage, which includes physical spool or swaying, the type of the engine of tape. Spooling is turned to copying of files in parallel with another work. The most overall use is found in the indication of the files, utilized by work in or by their work from the buffer on the magnetic tape or the disk. Spooling is useful because data of the access of devices according to different standards. Buffer ensures the station of the expectation, where the data can rest, while slower device it grips. This temporary operating region would be usually the device of storage or file. The usual uses of spooling of period are turned to the situations, where there is a little or not at all straight communication between the program, inking data and program, reading this. spooling frequently is used, when device writes data more rapidly than purposeful device it could read this, making it possible slower device to work in its own rate, without requiring processing in order to await this in order to grip. Data are only changed through the addition or the removal into the ends of the region, i.e., there is no arbitrary access or editing. Most general statement of [spooling] – spooling of the press: the documents, formatted for the printing are stored to the buffer (usually region on the disk) by rapid processor and discovered and printed relatively by slower printer according to its own standard. As soon as rapid processor wrote document to the device of spool, this ended with the work and it is completely accessible for other processes. One or more processes they can rapidly write several documents of the turn of press, not waiting each in order to print before the work of the following. Spooler or software of control of press can allow priorities to be assigned in the work sites, to inform the users, when they printed, extend work sites among several printers, they make possible for paper for the printers to be changed or to select this automatically to produce banner pages in order to identify and to separate the work sites for press and, etc.

The users of prospect Windows can test the trouble, which establishes software of a printer, which suffers failure with the erroneous communication, which declares, that “the working cannot be continued, because press the maintenance Spooler was stopped. If you then try to repeatedly begin press the maintenance Spooler, the following error is shown – “been unsuccessful in order to read description, erroneous code 2”.

The following procedure will solve the press spooler problem.

  • First, click by beginning, then right clicks by computer, and selection they govern, then they click by the manager of device, and then they click by idea and then the concealed devices click show.
  • Select the devices of system and then the counter of uMBus and bus counter of the root of uMBus.
  • Click by beginning and then control panel and selection add hardware.
  • Now selection installs hardware it by hand and presses “at the show all devices” in order to add the counter of uMBus and bus counter of the root of uMBus.
  • Reload and then install your printer.