Business networks are on major threat by worms, malware and viruses due to it connectivity to Internet. Most organizations allow their employees to connect to Internet due to business needs and it makes the network vulnerable as it is impossible to monitor the human behavior.

The major threat for the organization and business network is document and data theft. Every company creates and manages sensitive documents related to finance, business strategy or product developments and it is very important that no unauthorized users have access to this data.

No matter if you are a company owner, IT Manager or even an executive in the organization, protecting the network is everyone’s responsibility and security measures and precautions must be taken at every level.

Here are some of the common security policies which can make your network secure:

Firewall installation

Every organization generally has 2-3 server configured for better management. These servers also communicate to outer world using internet and it important to monitor the flow of information and data. A Firewall is the only solution for such monitoring. Firewall monitor and block unwanted incoming and outgoing information. The information can be document, files, images which can be transferred from internal resourced and if you not want any information to be transferred over the internet, Firewall setup can help you do that. The same way Firewall can also be configures to block unwanted incoming content which is not acceptable in professional environment. A Firewall can be categorized as hardware firewall and software firewall where hardware firewall used in broad area to protect the network by monitoring packet transfer and software firewalls are used majorly for client machines to monitor network communication and ports and it is important to install firewall at both server and client level to acquire maximum security.

Applying Security policies

Apart from applying firewall security over a network, it is also important to use other security measures like prohibiting the use of external media (CD, en drive) over office network. Such Medias can contain malicious programs and it can corrupt an affect the entire network even if connected to any office workstation. It is also important to keep educating employees about the security threat and inculcate good cyber behavior and provide then with the mechanism to generate alarm if they feel any security breach.

Users should also not be allowed to use unauthorized software and access to malicious websites. All the Software, used to download files from internet over peer-to-peer connection, are major threat as they also download and spread spyware and virus.

Networks are vulnerable when it is connected to outer world using internet and it is impossible to block complete internet communication with business network but these simple security measures are very useful to protect a business network.