If you are looking for a protection method for your files and documents from hackers and possible strangers who would want to access your files, there are some things that you could make use. And one of these tools is the Bitlocker.

Bitlocker or also called Bitlocker Drive Encryption is one of the tools to protect your files from possible access of your computer without your permission. How does this able to protect your files? Is this the same with protection provided by the EFS or the Encrypting File System?


Bitlocker is usually used to protect files that are saved and stored on the drive that Windows is installed in. This drive is found in the Windows of the computer’s drives. These drives are the operating system drive and internal hard drives. These are the drives where your files may be stored and may be protected by Bitlocker. Aside from the Bitlocker Drive Encryption, you could also make use of the Bitlocker to go to protect files and documents that are not in the installed drives of your computer but are in some removable data drives like USB flash drives, external hard disks and even some memory cards.

The Bitlocker provides protection to files and documents by encrypting them. Compared to Bitlocker, EFS or Encrypting File System is also capable of protecting your files and documents only that EFS will encrypt the files individually. Moreover, Bitlocker is considered to be better in terms of protecting files and documents? Why is Bitlocker better?

Bitlocker is able to protect the files and documents of the entire drive which you decided to encrypt. With using the Bitlocker, be it the protectors of the installed drives or the removable drives, you can go on with your work without having to worry about the protection and how heavy the software be. Bitlocker will also help you in protecting your account from the access of the hackers and strangers. Bitlocker will provide protection for your password.

Whenever you add files to your encrypted drive, they are automatically encrypted. You need not to fix some properties and options for the files to be individually encrypted. Files that are encrypted in the storage drives remain encrypted until the files are either deleted or transferred to other storage devices. The files lose their encryption once they are transferred to drives that are not encrypted. Moreover, though encrypted, these files could be shared only with authorization.

You may even choose to encrypt the whole operating system drive. In this way, the Bitlocker Drive Encryption would automatically encrypt the files during the startup. This is also like a security measure for possible dangers. If the system is found to be inflicted with something dangerous, the system would be automatically shut down by the Bitlocker and would need a special Bitlocker key to open the system. You might lose the files of your system if you make mistake with the Bitlocker key. Sometimes, it would also require a Trusted Platform module key to be able to gain access again with your computer and files.