Registry update pop-ups that appear while you are working may actually help you in several ways although it may seem irritating at times. These pop-ups usually appear when a service or a program wants to add a component to your existing registry. In spite of a warning message, sometimes, such pop-ups don’t even give you a choice of accepting or declining the act. This can get very annoying especially when you are the middle of some important task and do not want things slowing you down.

Like most computer users, I’m sure even you would like to remove such seemingly useless messages. Usually such actions do not harm your computer. In fact, there is quite an easy method of doing this. Even a novice can do it. You do not need an expert or a computer professional for this simple task. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Single out the programs that bring out these pop-ups: For starters, identify the programs that display these pop-up messages. WinPatrol and TeaTimer are programs that are usually responsible for this. Note down these programs as they will be required later.
  2. Immobilize the programs: You will need to disable the program so that they no longer bring up the pop-ups. This is what you need to do: Click “Start” and then click on “Run”. In the dialog box that comes up, type “msconfig”, and then “OK” which will open the service. Next, select “Services” and then uncheck the boxes that you want to disable. Then click “Apply” for the changes to take effect.
  3. Delete the chosen programs from your program: Once you have immobilized the programs, go on to delete these. Go to “Start”, you need to select “All Programs” and go to “Startup”. From the list of programs that appear, remove the programs that you have selected. Right-click the program and select “Delete”.
  4. Disable all WinPatrol messages: Look for the icon that says WinPatrol on the task bar of your screen. Click on it to open, go to Options and select “Hide Alert messages”. With this, you can diable TeaTimer also. Go to “Startup”, select WinPatrol and disable it. You can also disable it via the System Configuration. Follow the sane steps outlined in point 2.

If your patience is running out when it comes to these seemingly useless registry pop-ups, you can take steps to remove it completely from your system. You can do it all by yourself – you don’t need a computer wizard for that. There is absolutely no need to get annoyed all day long while working – just follow the outlined steps and you can be free of such pop-ups!