The space covered by your computer memory and the storage space can get fragmented and clogged and eventually this slows down your computer performance and causes the computer crashes. The Memory of computer get clogged when you are running multiple programs simultaneously over a long period of time and each time when a user does anything in any of the program, it can freeze the RAM. Here we are providing some fixes for the both of problems.

Following are the steps to be followed to reclaim your computer memory:

Shut down every program that is running in the windows. Reclaiming the memory means you are freeing up RAM space available. It is very easy although many users think that they can’t do it. Restart your pc. It should not be shut down every time. If the user is going away for few minutes or few hours then the pc should not be shut down. You should not restart the pc until you are going away for few days. Looking on other side, if the pc is running slowly and you are facing the program glitches then it is the time to restart your pc. You should replace the RAM chip if you persist a constant problem. Testing of the RAM is a quite difficult task until you have the specialized equipments. These days   RAM chips are available in market at relatively cheap cost, so buying the new RAM chips is probably the best option for you to boost your pc performance.

Things to keep in mind during the normal operation of your system:

You should clean up the hard drive periodically to avoid such memory related problems. Optimizing the RAM once in every 3 months should solve your daily routine problems. Also you should back up your hard drive files before starting the RAM optimization process. Although the optimization programs are safe but if a serious problem occurs, it can cause a data loss. You can also use a program called disc repair utility or Disk Warrior. It is best to run such type of programs routinely. When a fragmentation problem occurs, such programs will surely solve your problem and save your most of the time. An important task is to free up your RAM and to defragment your hard disk drive. You can run the disk defragmentation utility to check the extent of fragmented disk. The result of this operation will let you know about the percentages of your hard drive that is still fragmented how much of the hard drive is fragmented. If your hard drive is severely fragmented then you should run the optimization program. After this operation you should check once more the extent of fragmented disk, if it show a ordered hard drive with properly defragmented segments then you will get maximum performance out of your RAM.